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My classes are focused on improving core strength, emphasising awareness of the working elements of the musculature of the abdominal, back, buttock and shoulder girdle. You will learn how to locate, isolate, and challenge these muscles with specific movements.

I offer a variety of different options for clients:

For returning clients, please book your classes through ClassSwap. If you are a new client, please email me:

All about ClassSwap and FAQs

What is it? ClassSwap is a software package that I use to support clients in being able to attend a Pilates class regularly by swapping into any other Back In Balance Pilates class if they cannot make their regular class. 

How do I get started? Please register with the same email address you have given me for the the class contact lists You then can go back to the website and register and start swapping. We really really recommend you do this as soon as possible rather than at the last minute! Email me if you have any issues. 

How does it work? Once registered, if you know in advance that you are unable to make your regular class you can log on and cancel your space. This will generate a credit on your ClassSwap account. You then click on the Swap board where all the available spaces are listed. If there is a class that you can make, then you click and claim that space. If there is not a space in a class you can make, then you can request a notification if a space comes up. 

How long do I have to swap? Registered clients can cancel a class up to 60 days before and you have the half-term or term of that course  to use your credit. So, for example, if you know you are going away in July for 2 weeks, you can release those classes in May and use those 2 credits before you go. Releasing your space plenty of time in advance increases your chances of finding a convenient swap. On a shorter time scale, you can swap out up to an hour before the class if something last minute crops up and likewise you can be notified at the last minute if you want a space! 

Can I move into any other class? You can swap into any class although there is a restriction for Men on Mats! 

Any restrictions? All swops are to be completed within the timeframe of the course and can not be carried over to the next course. If you missed several classes last term you can’t then use them up the following term instead of paying your course fees. Also, remember that your credit will only last 4 weeks from the date the class is released. This is to ensure the system keeps running smoothly. 

Can I add credits if I want to come more than once a week? Yes, if you are a registered client, you can! If you want to ‘top up’ your weekly Pilates but don’t want to commit to another class then email me to arrange to buy up to 4 credits at a time to use when a space becomes available. 

GDPR (Data Protection) ClassSwap are the only people I will ever share your contact information with and they adhere to their own GDPR conditions.