Studio Reset Sessions


At the end of lockdown, I introduced studio reset sessions that will take place at my beautiful studio. During lockdown, the studio has had some updates, including a ballet bar for barre workouts.

The purpose of the studio rest sessions is to allow those of you who are continuing with Zoom classes both to occasionally benefit from face-to-face teaching for both postural alignment as well as to answer:

How do I know I am doing it correctly?


The reset sessions will last two hours. We will start the session with a stretch and release class. This will be followed by a 15 minute coffee/comfort break – you can also meet Hebe the puppy! Then, we will do a one hour pilates class.

As per the current COVID guidelines, I can accommodate 6 clients in a session. This small class size will ensure that everyone can ask questions and leave assured that they are doing the moves correctly and safely.


The reset sessions are scheduled for:

  • Tuesday 18th May: 10-12:15pm
  • Saturday 5th June: 11-1:15pm (Full)
  • Tuesday 8th June: 10-12:15pm
  • Saturday 26th June: 11-1:15pm

How much?

Each 2-hour reset session will cost £20


My studio in Bourton Cross, Dorset. All mats and equipment will be provided.