I offer a full schedule of Pilates over Zoom in tandem with in-person mat-work classes.

All classes are 1-hour.

I am currently offering classes a week at varying difficulty levels and at different times of the day in the hope that there is something that suits everyone.

  • Multi-level: progressive with a solid understanding of Pilates principles and neutral spine. Occasionally beginners are accepted.
  • Intermediate: a challenging class. Usually, there is a requirement to have practiced pilates regularly for 6 months with few mobility issues.

All classes will be recorde and the recording will be stored for 48 hours. Please email me if you miss a class and would like to take the recording.

Please note classes can be swapped but any missed classes can not be carried forward to the next term.

New Year Schedule (Wednesday 4th January – Friday 31st March)

9:30am9:15am8:30 am
Multi-level Multi-level Intermediate
10 weeks (£70)11 weeks (£77)11 weeks (£77)

Please note that there are no classes between 6th February and 17th February 2023

There will be the following themed classes over the half-term:

  • Monday 30 January @ 9.30am How to fire up the glutes
  • Wednesday 2 March @ 9.15am How to fix weak core/PF/tight jaw
  • Friday 24 March @ 8.30am How to fix tight backs/hips

Pre-registration is required for the themed classes as notes will be mailed out 48 hours before the class.

How to sign up

At the start of the first lockdown last year, I would never have anticipated that Zoom classes would become part of my schedule.

The fee structure for a 6 week term is as follows:

You must pay for the full term to register.

If you are a new client, please email me caroline@backinbalancepilates.com


For every class, you will need:

  • a pilates mat
  • hand towel
  • small cushion (optional)
  • foam roller
  • light weighted hand weights (optional)
  • 9″ pilates ball
  • tennis ball

Some classes will require

  • stretch band (like this – medium resistance should be enough!)
  • a chair – any dining chair will do!

I intend to rotate the equipment on a weekly basis and to use the roller and the circle a little more to keep things interesting!

Zoom testimonals

“You have single handedly saved my body from pandemic disaster.”

Caroline, Isle of Wight

Although I only found you late last year, your Pilates classes have been a god send for me. Being able to Zoom into your classes on a weekly basis has kept me going through all the highs and lows of lockdown. Also as to the physical benefits they have been immense. I was told my hips would only last a year without surgery, my Achilles was torn and my back was in pain. Now I am not quite a spring chicken,  but my hips give me no pain at all and my back and Achilles are really improving with that little trigger release ball and I am looking forward to more release workshops. I am delighted that you are continuing on Zoom and I really hope to make the journey from Norfolk to Dorset one day to do a 2 hour reset class!

– Lisa, Norfolk

 I find the Zoom class easier for me to follow,  I can clearly see you demonstrating each position.  Obviously the personal interaction is not quite the same but it is so much better than I first imagined.  Your instruction and presentation skills are superb.  


How to use Zoom

I will send out a Zoom invite for you to register.