I am so pleased to be able to offer a full schedule of Pilates over Zoom in tandem with in-person mat-work classes.

All classes are 1-hour.

I am currently offering classes a week at varying difficulty levels and at different times of the day in the hope that there is something that suits everyone.

  • Multi-level: progressive with a solid understanding of Pilates principles and neutral spine. Occasionally beginners are accepted.
  • Intermediate: a challenging class. Usually, there is a requirement to have practiced pilates regularly for 6 months with few mobility issues.

I will record 3 classes a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and the recording will be stored for 48 hours. Please email me if you miss a class and would like to take the recording.

Please note classes can be swapped but any missed classes can not be carried forward to the next term.


Autumn term: Monday 6th September – Friday 29th October 2021 (7 weeks)

9:30am7:30am 9:30am9:30am 9:30am
Multi-level Early bird multi-levelMulti-level Multi-levelIntermediate

Please note, there are no classes between 20-24th September.

How to sign up

At the start of the first lockdown last year, I would never have anticipated that Zoom classes would become part of my schedule. Now, a combination of reopening my studio/face to face classes and dwindling numbers on Zoom has meant I have had to reassess my fee structure for Zoom classes in the following way:

  • Anyone who takes a face to face course with me any additional Zoom courses will be £35 (£5/class)
  • Anyone who takes ONE ZOOM class cost will be £49 (£7/class)
  • Anyone who takes TWO ZOOM classes cost will be £84 (£6/class) 
  • Anyone who takes THREE ZOOM classes per cost will be £105 (£5/class)

You must pay for the full term to register.

If you are a new client, please email me caroline@backinbalancepilates.com


For every class, you will need:

  • a pilates mat
  • hand towel
  • small cushion (optional)
  • foam roller
  • light weighted hand weights (optional)
  • 9″ pilates ball
  • tennis ball

Some classes will require

  • stretch band (like this – medium resistance should be enough!)
  • a chair – any dining chair will do!

I intend to rotate the equipment on a weekly basis and to use the roller and the circle a little more to keep things interesting!

Zoom testimonals

“You have single handedly saved my body from pandemic disaster.”

Caroline, Isle of Wight

Although I only found you late last year, your Pilates classes have been a god send for me. Being able to Zoom into your classes on a weekly basis has kept me going through all the highs and lows of lockdown. Also as to the physical benefits they have been immense. I was told my hips would only last a year without surgery, my Achilles was torn and my back was in pain. Now I am not quite a spring chicken,  but my hips give me no pain at all and my back and Achilles are really improving with that little trigger release ball and I am looking forward to more release workshops. I am delighted that you are continuing on Zoom and I really hope to make the journey from Norfolk to Dorset one day to do a 2 hour reset class!

– Lisa, Norfolk

 I find the Zoom class easier for me to follow,  I can clearly see you demonstrating each position.  Obviously the personal interaction is not quite the same but it is so much better than I first imagined.  Your instruction and presentation skills are superb.  


How to use Zoom

I will send out a Zoom invite for you to register.