My classes are focused on improving core strength, emphasising awareness of the working elements of the musculature of the abdominal, back, buttock and shoulder girdle. You will learn how to locate, isolate, and challenge these muscles with specific movements.

I have group matwork classes at my Coach House Studio in Dorset, as well as in Hampshire. I also run Zoom classes.

Recent Updates

  • Summer Mini Term & Autumn Term Dates 2024
    Summer Mini Term Coach House Studio classes will take place between Monday 22nd July – Friday 16th August. Check out the timetable here. Zoom classes are also taking place between Monday 22nd July – Friday 16th August. Check out the timetable here. Men on Mats ongoing term will end on 15th August and resume in … Read more
  • Introducing: Men on Mats
    Due to popular demand, in January 2024, an additional Men on Mats class is coming to Zeals Village Hall on Thursdays at 4:55pm. The 6pm class is full. So often Pilates is seen as “one for the girls” (whatever that may mean!), but a recent feature by Phil Hilton for The Times described his introduction … Read more

Client Testimonials

I had attended other Pilates classes prior to finding Caroline and realise now how poor they were in comparison!  I’ve always suffered from lower back niggles and I now feel so much stronger and am equipped with the vast knowledge that Caroline imparts as she constantly attends courses to update her skills.  I have been coming to Caroline’s classes for ten years now and I am still not bored as she is always changing the content and keeping it fresh.  Her recent masterclasses on fascia releasing have been fascinating and I have had incredible results already!

Fi, Hampshire

Although I only found you late last year, your Pilates classes have been a god send for me. Being able to Zoom into your classes on a weekly basis has kept me going through all the highs and lows of lockdown. Also as to the physical benefits they have been immense. I was told my hips would only last a year without surgery, my Achilles was torn and my back was in pain. Now I am not quite a spring chicken,  but my hips give me no pain at all and my back and Achilles are really improving with that little trigger release ball and I am looking forward to more release workshops. I am delighted that you are continuing on Zoom and I really hope to make the journey from Norfolk to Dorset one day to do a 2 hour reset class!

Lisa, Norfolk

Want to get fit, become more flexible, enjoy a great workout which is varied and fun? Look no further, join Caroline’s Pilates classes and see changes, both physically and mentally. I joined a few years ago, having no experience, and have never looked back, participating firstly in face to face and later zoom classes, which have gone from strength to strength and the good news is that Caroline still manages to keep a good eye on you, so there is nowhere to hide! Her attention to detail is unparalleled. Don’t delay, join us; you will never look back!

Jane, Hampshire

Since being recommended to do Pilates for a bad back, I have been amazed by how the aches have gone. Twice weekly classes on zoom are an invaluable part of my regime now and I am in no doubt that they are helping the dreaded ageing process. Caroline has excellent advice and tips on how to look after hips, shoulders and other joints as well as sorts of muscles vital for good posture. Her classes are always enjoyable yet testing, she is constantly updating them and adding variety. I always feel good at the end.

Marianne, Berkshire

Caroline is a patient and understanding teacher. She frequently attends courses to keep up to date and passes the knowledge on to us. I have been participating in her classes for 4 years and they are never boring.

Angela, Berkshire

Caroline is a wonderful teacher, her clear instructions and encouraging approach make her sessions enjoyable and fun. I’ve noticed a real improvement in my core strength and flexibility since attending her classes.

Clare, Dorset

I have been taking Pilates classes for about 15 years with half a dozen or so teachers.  The difference with Caroline’s teaching is that she is stern but kind (and frequently amusing), so one comes away from the class feeling worked, extended and satisfied with the progress.  I feel I have shifted up a couple of gears in understanding the benefit of the work, and also enjoying it more.  Caroline is able to explain what we are doing and why as we go along, and this helps one process the exercises and get more out of them.  She never pushes, but enables the class to do their best, whatever that is.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Catherine, Dorset

You have singlehandedly saved my body from pandemic disaster.

Caroline, Isle of Wight

You will see a difference in muscle tone and improved strength in just 6 weeks – the results are amazing!

Karen, Wiltshire

Pilates has huge benefits for your body – improved strength, posture and shape. It was one of the best decisions of my life to do Pilates classes with Caroline. I am completely addicted!

Emma, Hampshire

Caroline is an inspiring teacher whose enthusiasm is infectious. Her knowledge and attention to detail guarantees you will progress safely and gradually within your limits and at the same time challenging those limits.

Lorraine, Wiltshire

As a Pilates novice, I am so glad I met Caroline when I did. Caroline has her eyes on all of us all the time, she won’t let anyone get away with anything and she works us hard! But, we leave every lesson on a physical and mental high. She is highly experienced and knowledgeable, incredibly encouraging and great fun. I would give up a lot before I give up my Pilates with Caroline.

Ann, Wiltshire