Group Mat-Work Pilates

I run group mat-work Pilates classes around Dorset, Wiltshire, and Hampshire. Whilst the classes are offered at a variety of difficulty levels, all are dynamic and challenging with improvements to strength, posture, and body awareness being seen in as little as 6 weeks.

My classes are focused on improving core strength, emphasising awareness of the working elements of the musculature of the abdominal, back, buttock, and shoulder girdle. You will learn how to locate, isolate, and challenge these muscles with specific movements.

I run my classes in terms, with each 60-minute class costing £11. The term structure guarantees client progression, individual attention, and safe practice in controlled group sizes. I like to keep my class sizes small to ensure that I can provide individual attention and corrections to each client.

Before joining the group studio classes, I require all new clients to take a 60-minute 1-2-1 class, which costs £45.

Spring Schedule 2024


Monday 8th April – Wednesday 22nd May


Early bird Multi-levelMulti-levelIntermediate
Coach HouseCoach HouseCoach HouseCoach House
6 weeks (£66)6 weeks (£66)6 weeks (£66)6 weeks (£66)
*No classes on 6th May (Bank Holiday)


BeginnersMulti-level Multi-levelMulti-level
Coach HouseCoach HouseCoach HouseCoach House
6 weeks (£66)6 weeks (£66)6 weeks (£66)6 weeks (£66)
*No classes on 7th May


8AM10:15AM 5PM
Early birdMulti-levelIntermediate
Coach HouseCoach HouseCoach House
7 weeks (£77)7 weeks (£77)7 weeks (£77)


Men on Mats (new class)Men on Mats
Zeals Village HallZeals Village Hall
7 weeks (£77)7 weeks (£77)
*Term starts one week earlier, on Thursday 4th April


Coach House
5 weeks (£55)


Thursday 18th April – 23rd May


Early birdMulti-levelRelease, stretch, strengthenMulti-level
Hurstbourne Tarrant Community CentreHurstbourne Tarrant Community CentreHurstbourne Tarrant Community CentreInkpen Village Hall
6 weeks (£66)6 weeks (£66)6 weeks (£66)6 weeks (£66)
Please note the updated start times. The class duration for Hurstbourne Tarrant is now 55 mins.


In my group mat-work classes, we use various pieces of equipment, including Pilates circles, balls, bands, Pilates pole and weighted balls. Whilst I provide all the specialist equipment, please bring your own foam roller and trigger point release balls. In the Coach House Studio high quality mats are provided.


My classes are available in the North Dorset, Andover and Hungerford area. I have converted my coach house in Bourton, North Dorset, into a bespoke Pilates studio.

Google Maps Location of Coach House Studio

Coach House Studio Protocol

  • A maximum of 7 people per class
  • Socks must be worn in class
  • Minimum of 12 hour cancellation policy through Class Swap
  • If you are unwell, please do not come to class out of consideration for others